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Hi, I am Carmine

Carmine Dodaro

Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Calabria
Via P. Bucci, cubo 31 B (2° floor), 87036 Rende (CS), Italy

My research interests are in the area of Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Answer Set Programming, Optimization problems, SAT and MaxSAT. I worked on several open-source and research tools.


Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Calabria

Apr 2019 - Present, Cosenza, Italy

Associate Professor

Apr 2022 - Present

Senior Researcher (RTDB)

Apr 2019 - Apr 2022

DIBRIS, University of Genoa
Junior Researcher (RTDA)

Jan 2017 - Feb 2022, Genoa, Italy


Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Calabria

2005 - Dec 2016, Cosenza, Italy


Dec 2014 - Dec 2016

Ph.D in Mathematics and Computer Science
Dissertation: Computational Tasks in Answer Set Programming: Algorithms and Implementation

Nov 2011 - Jan 2015

Master of Science
Dissertation: WASP: A New Model Generator

2009 - 2011

Bachelor of Science

2005 - 2008


A CDCL-based ASP solver that supports disjunction, aggregates, weak constraints.

A specification language based on python for logic programming.

A tool based on python and YAML to validate ASP programs.

An open-source ASP solver that is written in Java.

An open-source tool based on glucose for enumerating models of a CNF.

An open-source tool based on minisat for computing a minimal model of a CNF.


Apr 2022

New position! Associate Professor, University of Calabria

Feb 2022

Outstanding Student Paper Honorable Mention AAAI-22: Compilation of Aggregates in ASP Systems

Sep 2021

Best application paper award ICLP 2021: An ASP-based Solution to the Chemotherapy Treatment Scheduling problem

Sep 2019

Best technical paper award ICLP 2019: Abstract Solvers for Computing Cautious Consequences of ASP programs

Jun 2019

IJCAI 2019 Distinguished Program Committee member award

Apr 2019

New position! Senior researcher, University of Calabria

Jan 2017

New position! Junior researcher, University of Genoa

Oct 2016

Best paper award ICLP 2016: Anytime answer set optimization via unsatisfiable core shrinking

Jan 2015

Ph.D. in Mathematics and Computer Science

Jan 2012

AI*IA Award "Best Italian thesis in Artificial Intelligence" for my master thesis

Dec 2011

Master degree in Computer Science 110/110 cum laude and honorable mention

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